How to Draw Chibi Jasmine

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First start off with a large chibi head with eye lines. Draw out the stick outline of her body using triangles to hold the hips and shoulders place. Do not worry if the head feels too large.. she's a chibi!


Nest draw out the outline of her base body, be sure to keep the hips very wide and curvy for this style of chibi. Keep chest line facing the direction the chibi will be facing so your anatomy does not get skewed.


Go ahead and erase those stick lines before we move on. Now you're going to use those eye lines to draw in some big chibi eyes, and a little chibi mouth. When drawing the eyes, don't be afraid to let the iris of the eye take up a lot of eye space be   


Erase the extra showing body lines before this next step. Next you're going to draw in her poofy wide bangs. Draw them connecting to a medium ball and then a large ball. Now draw the hair on top of her head. Remember that we will be drawing in a    


Almost done! Now draw in the head band with the jewel, her large triangle earrings and her tiny curly shoes. With the large ball at the end of her hair, you can add a big curl to it that will be the end of her hair. You can also add in the final t   


Now you just have to erase any extra lines that shouldn't be showing, add any extra flair that you may enjoy to the art and you're ready to color! Good job!

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November 11, 2010

Description: This is a tutorial on how to draw Jasmine from the Disney movie Aladdin!

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