How to Draw Chibi Cinderella

Artist: Jedec / November 17, 2010

Step 1.

First start off drawing the shape of her face with eye lines, a triangle to hold her shoulders in place, her torso and arm lines, and a bit turtle shell shape for her dress. Also, draw a long oval above her eye lines so you have an idea of where her   

Step 2.

For the next few steps I'll be leaving the ghost lines so you can see how your drawing is going to evolve. Now you can draw her eyes, mouth and her upper body. Make sure to keep the torso line facing off center because she's not standing straight on   

Step 3.

Now erase your eye lines and torso lines because you will no longer need them. Now you can use the long oval shape you drew before to create her puffy bangs. Draw in her head band and her curly up-do hair. Don't forget the circle at the base of he   

Step 4.

Now you can erase any extra lines left over from the oval for the bangs and any left over head lines that may be covered by her hair. Go ahead and draw the upper part of her dress. Draw her choker, puffy sleeves, neck line, glove edges, and the puff   

Step 5.

Erase any extra lines you may have after drawing that like her shoulders, part of the turtle shell shape for her dress, and a little bit of her arms. Now go ahead and draw the actual folds and waves of her dress. You can draw the three lines that c   

Step 6.

Excellent! Almost done! Erase any extra turtle shell shape that you won't need first. Now you can draw in her eyebrows and eye lid lines. Also draw in the fringe from underneath her dress to give it that big puffy flowy feel to it.

Step 7.

Good job! After you erase any extra lines, you're finished! Have fun coloring your very own Disney Princess!

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