How to Draw Chibi Ichimaru

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Drawing chibi Ichimaru is going to be fun and easy as you can tell just by looking at this first step. Start with a circle for the shape of his head and then add the facial guidelines. Next, draw the tear drop shape of his body frame.


Now you can start sketching out the shape and style of his hairdo. Ichimaru has short straight hair that spikes in the front for his bangs. Since his eyes are always closed, you will draw bold arched lines for Ichimaru's closed eyes. Lastly add the e   


Now sketch out the shape of the face and then start drawing the small chibi jacket that he is wearing. As of right now you cannot see his hands because they are tucked in his jacket. Draw the sash around his waist and then draw the pleats for his pan   


For your last drawing step all you have to do is draw a smile on Ichimaru's face and then add some detailing to the ends of his jacket. Lastly cap off the bottom of his pants and then draw in the pleats, and feet. Erase all the guidelines you drew in   


See how nice your drawing came out? I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on "how to draw chibi Ichimaru step by step". Meet me back here in a little while for more drawing fun!

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December 17, 2009

Description: Bleach has become somewhat of a pop culture phenomenon with anime/manga fans including myself. Now because I love a good portion of the characters from Bleach, I have been trying to draw all of Aizen's army which consists of ten soldiers, but they are ranked between zero to nine. Zero is the strongest rank and then number nine is the weakest. For this tutorial I will be showing you “how to draw chibi Ichimaru step by step”. Gin Ichimaru just so happens to be another one of my favorite characters because he is so...funny. It's not that he tries to be comedic, he just has a certain persona to his character that makes watching him entertaining. One of the more popular recognizable traits about Ichimaru is his squinty looking eyes, and his incredibly annoying laugh and or sound of speech. His face and sound of speech reminds me of a rat because rats are sneaky, squeaky, and annoying. Don't get me wrong his character design is pretty freaking cool, which is why he is so tolerable. I do have a lesson that actually shows you how to draw Ichimaru in his regular form. As for this tutorial you will have a load of laughs when you follow the steps and instructions that will aid you to draw chibi Ichimaru. I love the way he came out and I think that I convey his silliness to a tee. I remember I did a parody with one of my old friends that consisted of Ichimaru and Rukia. It was episode 53 that we created a parody from and I have to tell you, it was probably one of the funniest parodies I have ever made. Anyways, this tutorial is going to be very simple because drawing chibi Ichimaru is really not that complex at all. The size and style of this chibi character will be easy to replicate because it is less detailed which means less lines to draw. Well that does it for me guys, I will be back later. Have fun teaching yourself "how to draw chibi Bleach characters" like Ichimaru. Adios me amigos, and happy drawing!

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