How to Draw Chibi Ulquiorra

Artist: Dawn / December 16, 2009

Step 1.

To draw chibi Ulquiorra start with a circle for the head and then add the facial guidelines. You will then draw the entire shape of Ulquiorra's body and then add the guidelines for his arm, and coat tail.

Step 2.

Draw chibi Ulquiorra's face shape and then sketch out the thick shape of his eyebrows. Once that is done you can start drawing out the lining for his hollow shell as you can see here and then draw the lining for his body, as well as the bottom line f   

Step 3.

You will now draw the shape and design of his horned shell that he wears on the left side of his head, (right side when looking at the character). You can see that the shell has notches and or groves which make it stand out. Don't forget to sketch ou   

Step 4.

Add the zipper line to the jacket and then draw the small sash around his waist. Next draw the crease lines on his hakama and then thicken the lining around the waist and pockets. You will end this step by drawing out the tips of hair that is hanging   

Step 5.

You have finished this tutorial on "how to draw chibi Ulquiorra step by step". Color him in and you have just created something awesome and adorable. Great job everyone.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: I have a special treat for all you artists out there that didn't join me live yesterday. I drew three chibi characters from Bleach, and one female manga character body that I know you will think is hot and steamy. First let me start off by submitting this lesson on “how to draw chibi Ulquiorra”. I already have a full color tutorial on this Bleach character that you are about to draw, as well as a full description on who he is and his background, but if you would to read more on him just visit Comic Vine and you should get a full load of info on this Bleach character. As some of you may or may not know, Ulquiorra is the 4th Espada of Aizen's army. He is also one of my favorite characters from Bleach because he acts totally helpless as well as lonely, sad, abused, hopeless, and confused. Ulquiorra is probably one of the more quieter characters in the Bleach series, and I think he came out looking absolutely adorable. The way I conveyed his look into chibi form is wicked, and I think I drew him to look exactly what I described him as. The drawing took me longer than I would expected myself to do so, but then again I was having so much fun drawing Bleach characters with you all yesterday. I still have three more lessons to submit which are going to also be very cool, and very steamy. I will also be going live today as well, and if you want to see some of my work in video format, you can go to Youtube and watch the lessons I have submitted so far. To get there all you have to do is type in “dragoartofficial” and you will be taken to over two hundred fifty video format tutorials. Don't forget to rate and comment, and don't forget to join me live tonight. Have fun with this tutorial on “how to draw chibi Ulquiorra"”. I guarantee that you will enjoy drawing chibi Bleach. Adios me amigos, and happy drawing!