How to Draw Chibi Batman

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There is only four simple drawing steps when it comes to drawing chibi Batman. Start with a circle to draw Batman's head and then add the facial guidelines. You will then draw the outlined shape of his cape covered body.


Now you will start drawing Batman's mask which is always awesome to do because Batman has a killer mask. Once that shape of the ears are drawn out, you can draw in the shape of his eyes which look like orange slices. Finish off the mask shape and the   


You will now draw the shape of Batman's face which is only seen on the right side. Once that is done you can start sketching out the flowing shape of Batman's cape which is covering most of his face as well as his entire body. Drawing chibi Batman is   


Here is your last drawing step and all you have to do is the right side of his blowing cape and a small dash for his mouth. You can choose to draw Batman's cape any way you wish, but this is how it should be drawn if you are going to follow this less   


Well guys, you have just learned how to draw the Batman", chibi Batman that is. Great job, and now that you are finished, you can start coloring him in. Join me next tome for another fun filled drawing lesson. Because as you know, Dragoa   

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December 17, 2009

Description: I have been on a chibi kick for a day or so, and the passion for drawing these small anime characters just keeps growing which is why I drew three more of them the other day. I will start by submitting a tutorial on “how to draw chibi Batman”. Now, I already have a regular lesson that teaches you to draw Batman, as well as tutorials on draw Batman symbol, and draw the Batmobile. What I thought would be cool is a lesson on a chibi Batman because he is becoming increasingly popular with young children, teens, and adults. Drawing chibi Batman is going to be like drawing Lego Batman because both are the same in size, as well as the same in style. The Lego Batman is drawn with a squared looking face because it is a plastic toy. The chibi Batman is drawn with the same shaped face because he is in chibi form. I have found that both chibi and Lego characters look incredibly similar which is why when you draw chibi, you can actually transform your chibi into a popular Lego character like Batman, and or Darth Vader. Or you can choose to find a tutorial that teaches you how to draw Lego Star Wars characters all together. The choice is totally up to you. This lesson however will show you "how to draw chibi Batman", step by step with no fuss, strain, or complications. The more you draw chibi, the better you will become with drawing these little people. I have to go because I have a lot of work ahead of me before I go live. In the mean time, you can tackle this tutorial to go with your Batman logo, your Batmobile, and your Batman. Peace out peeps, and happy drawing!

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