How to Draw Sai

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Let's learn how to draw Sai shall we? Start with a circle for the head and then draw the facial guidelines. Next draw the oval shape for his shoulders and top view of his torso. You will then draw the leg guidelines and then the arms, hands and feet.


Sketch out Sai's face and then sketch out his hair style which should be straight and short, but past his eyes in the front. Next use the facial guidelines to draw the lining for his eyes, and then draw the nose and mouth.


Continue to sketch out his eyes, and then draw the eyebrows. You will then draw the shape of his head protector as you see here and then drawing the inscription on it too. Next sketch out the shape of his arms, and left hand. Be sure to wrinkle up th   


Draw the left leg and or thigh and then sketch in the thigh band that he uses to store stuff in his leg pocket. You will then draw his right hand, and add some detailing and definition to his shirt sleeves.


This is your last drawing step and all you have to do now is draw the shape of his right leg and then draw out his feet which have shoes and all. Begin erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.


You have now finished learning "how to draw Sai". I hope you had fun, and be sure to take your time coloring him in. That does it for now, join me again for more drawing and learning fun.

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December 17, 2009

Description: I am about to submit another character from Naruto because he was a request. There is more lessons that will be submitted today, but for now I will teach you "how to draw Sai" from Naruto step by step”. Sai reminds me of one of those quiet kids that I used to go to school with and the main reason why I think like that is because he has such an innocent look when he is not in battle. Sai made his first appearance with the first Shippuden episode. When Sai was a youngster, he was an orphan. Because of this, he was brought into “Root” which is a secret organization that branches off from ANBU. When he was pulled into Root, they trained him to be without personality, no name, and no contact. If you want to break it down even more, you can say that Sai was conditioned to have absolutely no sense of self. The only reason why they gave him the name if “Sai”, is because he was supposed to join Team Kakashi. Even though Sai has no real self, he still finds passion in art. Another member of Root named “Shin” is the one that recognized Sai's artistic talent, and over time he continually told Sai to keep up the good work. The two became extremely close which lead them to be like brothers. It was a sad day when Shin died because that was the only person that Sai considered family. Over more time he later joined Team Kakashi, and bonded with Naruto. Since Sai was trained or conditioned to hold no emotion, he very seldom displayed accounts of any sense of affection. Once he joined Team Kakashi, he learned how to smile and show facial expressions on how he feels. There is so much more information on Sai that I haven't even talked about. Unfortunately I have no time to continue describing Sai and his personality. One thing I will say about him though is how I love his abilities. Remember when I said he has a passion for art? Well he utilizes this talent which makes him a ninja that specializes techniques using ink. In his backpack he carries his brush, scrolls, and of course ninja ink. Instead of a katana sword, he uses and carries a Tanto which looks like a knife. Sai's main weapon is his scroll which turns into a brush. He mixes his blood with the ink to create a summons for the ink. Anyways there is the tutorial on “how to draw Sai from Naruto step by step”. I will be back later with some more fun drawing lessons for you all. Meet me back here later to see what I put up next . Peace peeps and happy drawing!

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