How to Draw Chibi Governor from the Walking Dead


Let us begin by making a head and body guide like so, then sketch in the facial guidelines.


Up next, define the shape of chibi Governor's face, then draw in some of his bangs that are falling on the forehead of his face.


Up next, draw in the rest of his hairstyle which will also form the shape of his head. You can now draw the ears and add detailing inside the ears.


Up next, draw in Governor's eye patch, then draw the mean expressive eyebrow along with the shape of his eye. Color in the pupil, then draw the frown for his mouth.


Here you will begin drawing Governor's body starting with the shoulders, arms, and then the jacket. As you can see his arms are tucked behind his back to showcase his signature pose.


Finish drawing Governor's upper body which should include the seam line for his shirt, then draw in the belt to form the waist.


Up next, draw in the legs or pants and be sure to add the wrinkling to the legs and pant cuffs.


For the last drawing step you will draw in the tail ends of his jacket behind him, then draw the seam lines on the pant legs and finally his shoes. Erase all the mistakes and you are all done.


Here is the line art for chibi Governor, now you can color him in and show folks who you have drawn.

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September 14, 2014

Description: All my chibi Walking Dead characters are complete the only thing I have left to do is upload all five of them. I will begin with my one of my all time favorite next to Rick, and that's "how to draw chibi Governor", step by step. I love how the Governor came out and in all honesty I think it's one of the best chibi Walking Dead characters I've made. His eye patch, leather coat, pants and boots all add to the awesome layout of this villain. Anyways, enjoy the tut folks and stay tuned in for more chibi WD people from the show.

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