How to Draw Beth and Daryl


We will begin the same way we always do, with guides for the figures you are about to draw. Make the head and torso guides for both Beth and Daryl like so.


Starting with Beth, draw in the profile of her face and then draw in the hairline. Beth wears her hair pulled back in a ponytail.


Draw in Beth's semi closed eye and make sure that her eyelashes are long, thick and pouty. When that is done add the side burn for her hair and then add detailing inside Beth's ear.


Finish drawing Beth's eye. She is gazing at Daryl's chest instead of his face. Add the mouth and nostril, then proceed to step five.


Here you will draw Beth's long neck, then draw in the chest, shirt in the form of a sleeveless tee, and then her shoulder/arm.


To finish drawing Beth Greene you will only have to complete the head shape which is in the form of her hairstyle. Draw the long puffy ponytail, then add the strand detailing for added texture.


Are you ready to draw Daryl Dixon? Good, start by sketching out the entire shape of his head and at the ends draw in the scruffy bangs and other hair ends. You will then draw Daryl's face from a profile perspective.


Draw Daryl's ear which is peeking out his his rugged hairstyle, then add some layers of hair chunks at the top of his head. When that is done draw in his face and facial hair.


Here we will work on Daryl's body starting with the shape of his neck. Then flow down to the shoulders, chest and arms. You will then draw the strap across his chest as well as the shirt again, in the form of a sleeveless tee and vest.


Add detailing to Daryl's clothes, then draw the outer arm and add muscle detailing to the arm.


What does Daryl carry on his back? Yes, his crossbow. Draw the hint of his trusty crossbow then begin erasing the mistakes followed by the guides.


You are now ready to color in Beth and Daryl as they where seen on The Walking Dead. Have fun people!

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December 9, 2014

Description: As requested by so many people both visitors and members, here is "how to Draw Beth and Daryl", step by step. As you Walking Dead fans know, in the mid season finally of the series we lost the life of Beth Greene. Before Beth went MIA, she and Daryl bonded in a sister/brotherly fashion and became very close. Daryl opened up to Beth, and Beth had her first drink of alcohol in the form of Moonshine when she and Daryl where separated from the group after the fall of the prison. In this lesson you see Daryl and Beth during the days they spent together before Beth went missing. Daryl searched long and far for Beth, but when he finally seen her again, she died in front of his eyes. This lesson goes out to all those who wanted a tutorial on drawing Daryl and Beth.

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