How to Draw Chibi Carol from the Walking Dead


Let's begin drawing Carol by sketching out the shape of her face. Add the hairline which is in the form of little mounds.


Next, draw in chibi Carol's sad looking face. She has the look of a person who has empathy for everyone.


Draw Carol's ears and add detailing inside them.


Carol has short hair or at least she did the last time I saw her. This is also the step where you draw the shape of her head.


We are all done with drawing Carol's face and head as you can see. We will now move onto drawing her body starting with the torso and arms along with one of her hands.


Add the shirt collar, then keep the pace moving to step seven.


We will now work on getting the chibi sized shotgun drawn. You will also need to add the hand along the barrel.


Draw chibi Carol's legs or pants, then add a wrinkled cuff at the end of her pants.


Add her belt, then draw the seam lines for her pants on the inner thighs.


And lastly, draw Carol's feet or shoes, then you can work on getting the mistakes erased.


You are done with drawing chibi Carol. Color her in and you have finished the task of making your own drawing of chibi Carol from The Walking Dead.

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February 12, 2017

Description: Here's a face I didn't see during the last episode of The Walking Dead. Before we get into the subject just let me say that I think you will really like this lesson on drawing a chibi Carol. Everything about this drawing screams "CAROL". The last time I seen an episode with Carol, she had just executed a little girl because she was mentally unstable to be in the group, or anyone's other group. Carol, Tyreese, and Rick's baby left the house they wanted to get used to, and ventured out in the dangerous world again. I do hope you like this tutorial. I will be back with one last one so keep those eyes peeled.

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