How to Draw Chibi Eyes

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Start with some eye guidelines for your chibi eye tutorial. It consists of four vertical lines and then a total of eight small horizontal lines.


You will now start learning how to draw chibi eyes. For the first eye design all you have to do is draw two circles. Then for the next three you will just make arch lines for the shapes of the chibi eyes.


Color in your round chibi eyes and then leave three circles white. You will then draw the shape of the rest of the chibi eyes as you see it drawn for you here.


Next draw out the eyebrows and then add the shapes of the chibi eye pupils. Erase the guidelines and then move onto the last drawing step which is your finished line art.


See how easy this tutorial was? You have now learned "how to draw chibi eyes step by step".

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June 13, 2009

Description: Another simple tutorial for you guys on the way that will teach you “how to draw Chibi eyes” step by step. This is by far the most simplest thing to learn “how to draw” as far as Chibi goes. The reason why drawing Chibi eyes is so darn easy is because they are always so big and expressive. Whether you have a male, female or child Chibi character you want to draw, anyone of these eye designs will suit your needs. I know that you will have fun with this tutorial because it will teach you the very basics when it comes to learning “how to draw Chibi eyes", step by step”. I will be back soon with one more Chibi tutorial for you all. In the mean time you should tackle this lesson for now because everyone loves drawing Chibi!

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