How to Draw a Chibi Soldier

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You will first draw a big circle for the head of this chibi soldier as shown here and then add the facial guidelines. Next add the neck, shoulder and arm lines as you see them here.


Now you will start drawing out the shape f his jaw and then the ears. As you can imagine a chibi soldier should have a square like shape for his lower facial structure. Once that is done draw the lines for his arms and legs.


Part three is fun because you will finally get the shape of this chibi's body drawn out. Add two slanted lines for the eyes. Next you will need to draw out the rest of the arm lines and then circle like shapes for the hands. That boxy shape you see a   


This is that step were you decide whether or not your chibi soldier is going to be a boy or girl. If you want a girl you will draw out a girly hair style. But for me I will draw a boy so what you will do next is draw out the shape of the top part of    


Now for your last drawing step you will add the eyeballs and then detail the gun as well. Add some definition and detailing to the pants and boots and then start erasing the guidelines that you drew in step one to clean p your work.


Once your work is finished your drawing should look like the one you see here. All you have to do now is color him in and you have just completed this tutorial on how to draw a chibi soldier step by step.

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March 19, 2009

Description: The military is something that deserves our respect and our backing even though sometimes we don’t always use our armed forces the way we should. There are so many different titles that describe what kind of unit that one belongs to. I mean for the United States we have the Army, Marines, National Guard and other sections or parties that serve different purposes for our or my country. Lately, all of our men and women that serve some part of the military have been battling a different kind of enemy and this enemy comes from within. I thought that would put a light on things and maybe even a smile on some faces to brighten up a day that needed to be taken from the darkness. I wanted to draw a soldier that you could all learn from because becoming a soldier is what a majority of young adults are choosing to be now a days and because of that they lose their youth and positive outtake on life. Instead of your typical drawing of a standard soldier I decided that the best route to go was to do a tutorial on how to draw a Chibi soldier step by step. Why did I choose to draw Chibi style you ask? Well the main reason why I decided to do a chibi version of a military soldier is because I wanted to add some brightness to the figure instead of looking at a normal image and thinking “wow, they must see a lot of shiznick”. Instead, why not add a smile and say “oh how cute” and maybe a chuckle or two. Anyways, I love drawing chibi characters and because of that I came up with my version of an easy way for everybody to draw a soldier step by step. I actually tried giving this chibi a military box cut hair style but it didn’t come out like I imagined. But anyway it’s still a cool tutorial lesson. I will be back with another awesome lesson so stay in your seats kiddies there is more on the way.

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