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How to Draw Chibi Chimchar

Artist: StephanieCardona / July 9, 2012
How to Draw Chibi Chimchar

Step 1.

Start of with the lower half of the face and ear.

Step 2.

Make the rest of the head...

Step 3.

Add the hair and other ear.

Step 4.

finish the hair(or fur,whatever that is..)and add more detail to the ear.

Step 5.

I put the facial features all in one step to speed things up but it shouldn't be that hard...Don't rush yourself.

Step 6.

Make the body and feet..

Step 7.

Do the arms and body marking.

Step 8.

And last is to add chimchar's little flame tail.

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Artist: StephanieCardona
Date Added: July 9, 2012
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Tags: how to draw chibi pokemon
Description: I've been really in a blank on what to make tutorials on...so I'm open for requests,but right now here's a quick tut. on how to draw chibi chimchar.