How to Draw Rocket Cat, Progressive Commercial


first, lets start off with the head. Draw the head like shown. its an odd shape but not too hard


next, draw the goggles on its head. and the ears. don't forget the little triangle thing on it


now, draw the nose and mouth. then draw a stripe thing from the top of the head to the nose. and leave room for the eyes. add the arms hanging down from the head. don't forget to draw them bent like the ears to show that he/she is going fast.


draw the eyes and a stripe thing from the edges of the nose to the bottom of the head. next, add the stomach and the other 2 feet. don't forget the stripe on the bottom.


draw the back and tail connected to the ear. and the 3 end things to the rocket.


and finally, draw the end of the butt and the rest of the rocket and the flames coming out.


and now for the final touch, add the stripes on the head, back and tail. AND TA-DA!!! YOU MADE THE ROCKET CAT!!! NOW JUST COLOR AND ITS BEAUTIOUS!! XD

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June 22, 2012

Description: this is my 1st tut...anyway i LOVE the commercial from Progressive about the little cat :3 here's the link: Rocket Cat i worked like 2 days on this and i hope you guys like it...i tried to hurry so someone didn't beat me to it XD P.S. i had to take pictures instead of scanning because my scanner is being difficult X(

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