How to draw Batman My Little Pony

Artist: Lexiloo74 / June 2, 2013

Step 1.

So first, you will draw the guidelines for the pony's head and body.

Step 2.

Now you will draw the body outline and the ears on the head.

Step 3.

Next, you will draw the face of the pony. Like on the picture below.

Step 4.

Now you will draw the legs on Batman.

Step 5.

Next draw the suit (if thats what you would call it). When you color the suit make it dark gray so it won't blend in with the eyes and hair (thanks to minun_pokemon for the advice)

Step 6.

Now it's starting to look like Batman. The next step would be to draw the hair and tail. Make it kinda curly and add swirls where you think they look best.

Step 7.

Now you can finally erase the guidelines (where nessesary). Also in my earlier drawings I made Batman have a bigger belly than I wanted him to. So you can slim him down too now, like I did. If he looks fine to you, you're good to go on to the next st   

Step 8.

Now COLOR!!!

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Artist: Lexiloo74
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Description: This is my second tutorial, so don't expect it too be so great. I screwed up on my first one too... So I hope yo uenjoy this. If you any comments or suggestions, please tell me because it will only make me a better artist. Thanx