How to Draw Chibi Bambi


Like always, lets start with making the guide shapes. Draw the head and body guides first, then sketch in the facial and neck guidelines.


Using the head guide, start drawing the shape of Bambi's chibi face along with the snout and back part of the head.


Complete the head shape by drawing the big ears and some puffy hair on his head.


Next, draw chibi Bambi's big round eyes, then make the outer ring on the top part of his eye. Don't forget the lashes too.


Detail inside the ears, then make the markings on the face, around the nose and draw the eyes completely.


We can now draw in chibi Bambi's body starting with his neck, then back, then bushy tail.


Almost done. All you have to do now is draw in his stubby legs, belly, and butt.


Erase the guidelines and shapes you made in step one, then draw the rest of the markings on his body followed by the spots and hooves.


You are ready to color in chibi Bambi. Use the same shades as you would if he were in regular form.

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March 25, 2014

Description: Since I haven't made any chibi characters in a while, I wanted to do something really cute, and super fun. Thinking of ideas for new chibis isn't always easy so when I was sitting with my little sister the other day, (who happens to be ten years old) we ended up watching Bambi. I couldn't believe how I was still very drawn to this Disney classic even at twenty one. I loved watching the movie so much, I decided that my next chibi was going to be on "how to draw chibi Bambi", step by step. I wanted to create something cute, but not too babyish because he is already a fawn and as you know fawns are baby deer. This stubby version of Bambi ended up coming out so cute. I love how all the traits of the little deer are still present, like the white spots, big ears and eyes, and his bushy tail. If you are a fan of Bambi, maybe you will enjoy this lesson on drawing chibi Bambi too.

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