How to Draw Flower, Flower From Bambi

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The first thing I want to do is show you how easy it is to draw Flower from a front view style. Start by making a head which is a perfect circle. Sketch in some guidelines then begin sketching the shape or structure for Flower's head and face. You wi   


Now let's draw Flower in his cute pose. Make a circle, then sketch in the facial guidelines.


Begin sketching out the forehead as well as the snout and mouth. You will color in the nose, then add the smile crease at the end of his mouth line.


Continue to draw out the shape of the head and face like so, then draw the small rounded ears. Make the marking lines down the front part of the head which is also going to be the white stripe.


Lastly, draw out his raised Mohawk style of tuft that Flower has coming from the front part of his head, and runs all the way down the back. Finish drawing out the face by giving him some beautiful eyes including the lashes. Add the eyebrow, then det   


Here is Flower when you are all done. Now you can color him in to finish the lesson completely. Good work folks!

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November 7, 2012

Description: Aloha everyone, I'm back with another fun lesson as promised. The idea for this next tutorial was actually brought on because of my nine year old sister. Yesterday she watched Bambi, and Bambi II back to back. As she sat there and enjoyed herself, I started thinking about the characters that I have as lessons from Bambi. Of course the first tut I thought of was Bambi, I already knew I had a couple of those already submitted. Besides Thumper, that's all I have as far as Bambi goes. So today I thought IO would upload “how to draw Flower from Bambi", step by step. He is probably the second most adorable figure in the movie. I love his innocence and his shy demeanor. His pretty face makes determining if Flower is a boy or girl a fun guessing game. I really had a lot of fun drawing Flower. This is going to be one of the cutest tuts I have done in a week. If I think about how I just uploaded a Bambi tut, it doesn't seem too long ago that something adorable was submitted. Drawing Bambi characters is always fun, so start having some now. Adios people!

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