How to Draw Inuyasha and Kagome


Begin with making two head shapes, and then draw the facial guidelines.


Next, start sketching out the side profile for Kagome's face. Include the bangs to start the hairstyle.


Continue to draw the hair and shape of her head, then draw some of the hairstyle for Inuyasha.


Draw in her ear, neck shape, and then draw the closed eye. Don't forget to draw her lips, marks on her cheeks and then her lashes.


We will tackle the task of drawing Inuyasha next. Begin with drawing the rest of his hairstyle/head shape, then draw the profile of his face. Their foreheads are touching to make the pose look emotional. Don't forget to add the wolf like ear peeking    


You can draw the eyebrow and then color it in. Once that is done you can draw Inuyasha's closed eye and then make the marks on his cheek.


Let us finish this drawing all off by adding the rest of the head shape, then draw the length of his hair. Add the neck and shoulder too then you can erase all mistakes and guides.


That's it, have fun coloring in this drawing on one of anime's popular couples.

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January 18, 2017

Description: I have two more lovers or anime couples going up today and that includes this one that you see here. Choosing which anime couples to recreate was pretty hard because there are so many. After deciding, I came up with some couples that I have always liked. To start, here is "how to draw Inuyasha and Kagome", step by step. These two have always been tense towards one another so what better way to display their love then to have them almost wanting to be intimate, but somehow only hold themselves back. I had fun with drawing Inuyasha and Kagome and I will be back later.

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