How to Draw Bambi

Artist: Dawn / July 16, 2008

Step 1.

Start this first step the way we start all the tutorials drawing out the guidelines and shapes. Bambi is really easy because he consist of bold shapes and large parts. Start by drawing an acorn shape for his head along with the facial guidelines. nex   

Step 2.

This is where you will start shaping out Bambi's body and features. First you will first need to shape out his head by drawing in his snout and mouth line. Next draw out the big socket for his eye ten shape up the ears which resemble fat horns. The n   

Step 3.

Again you will shape out and detail Bambi's face as well as sketch in more detailing and shaping of his body. Start with the sketching of the fluffy hair on top of his head. then draw out the separation line for his mid forehead. Next you will sketch   

Step 4.

This is where his beautiful different shaped spots will be drawn in as well as the rest of his legs. You will also need to draw in and color the pupil. The tail needs some inner lining as well. Next erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew i   

Step 5.

This is what your finished drawing of Bambi should look like when you are completely done. All you have to do is color him in and add him to your collection. That will end this fun and easy tutorial on how to draw Bambi step by step.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 16, 2008
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Description: I am going to show you all how to draw another Disney character that is adored by millions of people including me. Yesterday I submitted a tutorial on Snow White and I was talking about how much I was into Disney cartoons as a kid. The whole subject got me thinking of the cutest characters of all and I think most of you will agree with me. So I will show you how to draw Bambi the adorable little deer that has more innocence than a child, in fact his innocence is that of a newborn baby. He is not a baby at all but a fawn. Bambi is not just any fawn, he is the son of the Great Prince of the forest and he to will take the place as prince when his time comes. His best friends are Thumper the rabbit, and Flower, the skunk. The story revolves around a young fawn that is raised by his mother in the forest until he suffers the death of her by the hands of hunters. Before she died Bambi’s mom taught him to be kind, polite, and pleasant. When Bambi was told to run by his mother he ran to safety and waited for her to return to him. After some time goes by he than starts to panic and runs around the forest frantically yelling out her name “mother”. He continued to run and search in circles calling out her name until he was confronted by his father the Great Prince. From that point on he was being raised by his dad and he meets up again with his good friends Thumper, Flower, and the beautiful Faline whom he met very briefly while his mother was still alive. Bambi lost his baby white spots and grew a set of antlers as well, but he was still the same playful deer he once was but you could see the maturity that he gained over time. The story ends with him falling in love with Faline after the threesome of friends (Bambi, Thumper, and Flower) make a pact never to fall in love and melt for a female or in other words become “triturated” like the story was told by a wise owl. As the three walk threw the forest one by one they become jello in the hands of their mates. The first to go was Flower as he fell for a beautiful female skunk that meet him in a cluster of flowers. Next was Thumper, but he was a little more difficult to gain attention. Lastly was Bambi. He met up with Faline while drinking in a water hole. The two instantly fell for each other but soon were disrupted by Ronno, another deer that had a thing for Faline. Eventually they battle and Ronno falls off a cliff and the two live happily ever after. I will show you how ot draw Bambi step by step. This easy to draw Disney animated cartoon will have you falling in love all over again with this timeless classic. Have fun.