How to Draw Chartle


Start off with a circle, then move to step two.


Here you will draw in some simple shapes for the eyes and mouth.


Color in the pupils, then add the brow lines, nostrils, and tongue & tooth.


Draw out the body or at least the front part of the body.


Now you can draw in Chartle's arm and small hand.


Draw in the turtle shell pattern on the belly and back like so, then add another finger.


All you need to do here is draw the other arm and hand.


Now you can draw the legs and small flat style feet.


For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw out the squirrel style tail and erase the mistakes.


That's it, you can now color in Chartle to finish it all off.

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April 20, 2014

Description: If there wasn't a title to this lesson I would ask you guys to guess who this Pokemon fusion was based on. But since you can see that the title says "how to draw Chartle", it's pretty obvious that its a fused combo of Squirtle and Charmander. Anyways, I don't know what I can possibly say except this is a cute combination of two similar looking Pokemon species. If you wanted this lesson on drawing Chartle, here you go. Have fun with this tut peeps, and remember to let me know what types of fusions you would like to see.

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