How to Draw Charmander Pony


Make a total of three guides, one for the head, another for the torso, and finally one for the buttocks.


Draw the shape of the face then include the ear shapes.


You will now draw the shapes of each eye like so, then draw the pony style muzzle and mouth, then sketch in the marks on the cheeks, inside the ears, and add the nostril hole.


Here all you have to do is draw a fiery mane.


Draw the shape of the neck, then draw in the legs and hooves. The legs are crunched up towards the chest.


Draw in the rest of the small body like so, then draw the thigh and rest of the hind leg. Add detailing where needed.


Almost done people. All that is left to do is draw the tail and then draw in the other thigh and foot.


Lastly, sketch in the fire at the tip of the tail which is actually the tuft, then erase all of the mistakes.


Here is Charmander Pony when you are all done. Color it the sketch and finite.

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September 16, 2013

Description: Don't you just feel like taking this characters face and pinching the cheeks as hard as you can because it's so adorable? That is how this next fictional character came out. Up next I will try and show you "how to draw Charmander Pony", step by step. It would be so cool if this character did exist because it would be so popular. I think that this is one of the cutest version of a certain character in pony form. The colors, the size of the body, and the expression on the face makes this drawing and lesson come together nicely. I do think that you too will enjoy drawing Charmander Pony.

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