How to Draw Lion Cubs

Artist: NeekoNoir / March 3, 2013

Step 1.

Well, as on the cartoon adult lions, baby, cub lions in cartoons doesn't have too much form, they have two type too. You can draw them more simple, or more difficult way, but you can start the drawing about them with that examples. Later you can give   

Step 2.

For the easier start, here the main body forms and shapes for the lion cub drawing!

Step 3.

As cubs have emotions too (reeaaaaally lot of emotions) you need to have a lot of example for that. They are really lovely, and the best for the reference is the Lion King for that :)

Step 4.

Start the lion cub drawing with the main form of his body!

Step 5.

Firstly, draw the main form of his head with the furry hair and big ears too.

Step 6.

Continue the head drawing the drawing about his mouth and nose form.

Step 7.

Now draw the furry part on the inner part of his ears!

Step 8.

Draw his eyebrows with the main form around his eyes. It's not important part, but make more cute him :)

Step 9.

As the next step, draw his big eyes, now he is really cute with that part!

Step 10.

Little lions have some dot on their fur when they are cubs. So draw some dot on his head too!

Step 11.

After you finished the head part, start the main form of his body!

Step 12.

Now draw the fur part for his chest, so he can have really fluffy body too!

Step 13.

Continue the dot drawing on his main body too. It's not need to be too much, just a few dot.

Step 14.

Our cute lion puppy needs to have legs too, so start the main form of his first two leg now!

Step 15.

Draw the little details and lines on his paws and on his shoulder too!

Step 16.

Now draw the main forms of his last two legs too!

Step 17.

Draw the little details and lines on that too, that you can see his paws on the last two leg too :)

Step 18.

As the next part, draw his tail!

Step 19.

For the finishing of the lion drawing, draw the last step, the little furry part of his tail!

Step 20.

As a little etra for the tutorial, draw a little butterfly on his tail now. It's made the picture more cute and lovely! Start the main body of the butterfly!

Step 21.

And now, draw the butterfly's wings for the finishing. They are really lovely and playful together :)

Step 22.

Congratulation, you finished your picture about your Cartoon lion cub! I hope, you enjoyed the drawing as me! :) Now you can go and color your own lion cub picture!

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Description: Welcome to the tutorial to draw lion cubs. You can find a lot of tips about the lion cub drawing with a lot of interesting things, and information too. I had fun creating this lesson and be sure to show me how you did!