How to Draw Carmelita Fox, Carmelita


Let us begin with making a circle for the head, then sketch in the facial guidelines on a 3/4 angle.


Sketch out the fluffy lining of her face until you have a structure that is angled and full of sharp edges. Draw in the three chunks of hair that should be curled a bit like you see here. Judging by her name, she might be based on a Latino woman.


Using the facial guides, begin drawing out her face. Start with the long, thin, very expressive eyebrows which will also help make her eyes come alive. Sketch out the shapes of her eyes, then draw and color in the sharp lashes at the ends of each eye   


Finish off the eyes by drawing the eyeballs, color in the pupils, then draw her eyelid. Sketch out the marking lines that form her fox style snout, then color in a mole on her cheek, then add marking lines that frame her face.


Here we will add more of her hair as well as give her some ears. Carmelita is a fox, so you will have to draw in some big, pointed ears. Sketch in the detailing like so, then continue on with drawing more of her hair out in a very puffy manner.


You are almost done folks. Here you will start this sixth step by drawing out the slender shape of her neck, then draw in her jacket starting with the collar, then shoulders. Notice how her jacket collar is folded down instead of sticking straight up   


lastly, draw in the rest of her curly shoulder length hair in a chunky style. Then you will make the V marks on the neck which is the choker that she wears. Add detailing to the jacket shoulder, then begin erasing the mistakes.


Here is how your Carmelita comes out looking like when you are all done. Now all you have to do is...color her in. Great job guys, make sure you show others your art.

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October 1, 2012

Description: Since I have been getting more and more requests for some of the characters from the 'Sly Cooper' series, I figured making another tutorial would be liked and enjoyed. Here is "how to draw Carmelita Fox", step by step. Her professional name is 'Inspector Carmelita Montoya Fox'. Not only is Carmelita Sly's love interest, she also used to be employed by Interpol. Before she joined Cooper Gang, she was a very strict law official that believed anyone who is breaking, or broke the law should be brought to justice no matter how severe the charge or crime. Anyways, since I want all fans of the game to tackle this tutorial on drawing Carmelita, I just made a tutorial on her face and shoulders. This way you can draw her face, and when you are ready for a full body lesson, maybe I will make one. For now let's see how it goes. Don't worry about me leaving for tonight, I'm not going anywhere. I still have more lessons to upload. Adios mi amigos!

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