How to Draw Pyong, Pyong the Red Fox

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Make an egg shape like so followed by some facial guidelines.


Draw the large pointed fox style ears like so, followed by the sharp straight lined cheeks.


Next, draw out the puppet style arms and body like so.


Draw the inner ear detailing like so, then color in the eyes and draw the mouth. You want an exciting face on your meme.


Lastly, make the marks on the arms, and face like so, then draw the teeth which is a straight line going across the inside of the mouth. Add the whiskers then you're done. Erase the mistakes if you have any at all.


Here us Pyong when you are done. Color it in, then use it to your discretion. I hope you liked this character created by a DeviantART user tiggerfactory or Elisa Kwon.

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January 5, 2013

Description: This is going to be the last meme that I will be submitting for a while. I tend to get sick of writing about these simple looking creatures, and faces that have no meaning other than to decorate a profile, make a statement, or annoy someone. Next and lastly I will show you "how to draw Pyong", step by step. This red colored fox is commonly used as a profile picture or thumbnail, as well as a character figure for message board and forums. There is many GIF animations that you can find Pyong doing, so making him a choice figure for your profile can be pretty exciting. Drawing Pyong will be an easy battle to win because he is a simple cut out style figure. Well, that's basically all I have to say, it's your turn now to start drawing. I will be on and off through out the day so make sure to drop a comment, rating or fav on this or any other lesson you come across. All artists love feedback from fellow artists.

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