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How to draw a scared fox

Artist: kinable / February 24, 2013
How to draw a scared fox

Step 1.

Hello to everyone I'm here with my first tutorial. So, Let's just start. First, draw some base lines, this will be a GREAT help. (This step is optional).

Step 2.

Let's start sketching the head and the front legs.

Step 3.

Next step. (Sorry for REALLY bad quality) Just sketch the hind legs.

Step 4.

Finish the sketching part with the belly and tail.

Step 5.

Here, our fox is almost ready with adding details, now You'll only have to color it! Hope you liked the tutorial, and this helped. :333

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Artist: kinable
Date Added: February 24, 2013
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Tags: how to draw a fox
Description: Hello everybody! So this is my first tutorial on drawing a fox, I'm exited :333 I'm really sorry for bad quality, I'm awful on digital drawing, so I drew it on paper, and the camera of my phone is just.... S****. So, hope you like it, drop a comment, if You liked it, and soon, I will be uploading MOAR.