How to Draw an Angry Fox

Artist: Pyrothewolf / May 4, 2013
How to Draw an Angry Fox

Step 1.

So draw a circle, then two lines one up then one across, then draw a circle. That helps me to know where to place my mouth

Step 2.

Next, draw the fluff on the sides of the circle. This'll be sorta like the cheeks of the fox

Step 3.

Next draw the ears, draw the shape connect to the end of the cheek and then curve it to make the ears

Step 4.

next draw two lines then a nose

Step 5.

next draw some squiggle lines to show the fox is growling, then draw the mouth

Step 6.

draw the eyes next to the other lines we create to represent the muzzle then draw the back from the middle of the head up

Step 7.

draw the chest then the legs and your done!

Step 8.

Then tada here is your line art (I drew my char here so ya, add markings and accessories if you wish!

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Artist: Pyrothewolf
Date Added: May 4, 2013
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Description: Ok, since my last tut i made it at like 3 in the morning so here is something to re freshen it!