How to Draw Butch From The Good Dinosaur

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Make the head and body guides like so then sketch in the facial guidelines.


You will now draw the shape and structure of Butch's head shape. As you can see it's drawn on an angle so be sure to draw in the snout, mouth and brows in this manner.


Complete the face by drawing the teeth. The teeth should be razor shape and close together like you see here. Next, draw and color in the nostrils then draw in the eyes.


We will now focus on the body starting with the shoulders, then arms and small hands. Draw the chest and belly in detail like so as well.


We will tackle the ginormous legs next. When that is done draw in the feet, nails and detailing to the knees. There are swirls on the knees, this is to add texture to the dinosaur's skin.


Lastly, finish Butch off by giving him a back and long, thick tail. Sketch in the scuff marks on his body and face for texture detailing, then erase any visible guides and the mistakes you might have made.


Here is Butch from the Good Dinosaur when you are all done. Now just color in your work.

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November 4, 2015

Description: Yup, here is another lesson on a character from the upcoming Disney film 'The Good Dinosaur'. Today we will be learning how to draw Butch, step by step. Butch is actually Arlo's mentor and father to Nash and Ramsey. Yes, Butch may be an intimidating dinosaur or T-Rex, but aren't all dinosaurs intimidating even if they are herbivores? Anyways, drawing Butch may take a little time because of the face that he is a T-Rex. I don't expect you to finish this lesson in a matter of minutes, but I do expect you to be successful. If there are any more characters you would like to see from Good Dinosaur, just let me know.

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