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How to Draw Ramsey from The Good Dinosaur

Artist: Dawn / November 11, 2015
How to Draw Ramsey from The Good Dinosaur

Step 1.

Make one guide shape for the top portion of the head and then sketch in the guidelines for the face and neck.

Step 2.

We will work on getting the brows drawn in and then draw the muzzle or snout. When that is done proceed to step three.

Step 3.

Complete the lower portion of the face by drawing the bottom jaw. When that is done sketch in the front part of the neck as well as the wrinkles on the neck and shoulder.

Step 4.

Add the shape to the back part of Ramsey's head and then draw in the brows and eyeballs.

Step 5.

Add the indent to the side of the snout, then draw the teeth in a nice row. When that is done you can add the nostrils.

Step 6.

Finally, draw the spikes on the back of her head and then draw the arms, hand and chest. Erase the mistakes and guide, then you're done.

Step 7.

Here is the finished drawing when you are all finished. Just color in the drawing and you are good to go.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: November 11, 2015
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Tags: how to draw the good dinosaur characters, how to draw the good dinosaur
Description: For the last character from the Good Dinosaur series I will show you how to draw Ramsey, step by step. Despite the name Ramsey is actually a girl, and she is the sister to Nash and daughter to Butch. Drawing this T-Rex isn't going to be hard at all. I know if you like dinosaurs Ramsey is going to be really fun to recreate. I wish I knew more about her personality, but since I never watched the movie I have no idea what kind of girl she is. By the looks of her, she seems like a strong, assertive female that is ready to bark orders at anyone. But I could be wrong. Have fun drawing Ramsey folks, I will be back with more lessons in a bit.