How to Draw Boone from Penn Zero

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Let's draw an egg shape for Boone's body, then draw a rounded cone shape for the head. Sketch in the facial guidelines, then proceed to step two.


In this step you will start drawing out the face until it takes form. This includes the square shaped nose, the large ear and then some lazy style bang chunks.


Finish drawing Boone's hairstyle which is messy and wild. Draw the hat or rag, then proceed to step four.


The facial guidelines should be used to draw in the shapes of his lazy eyes. The lids are closed halfway and there should be wrinkles on the forehead. Add detailing inside the ear and then draw in a big smile. Draw the teeth and some braces.


Draw the shoulders, then draw in the chubby style long arms and fat fingered hands.


For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw in the shorts to finish the body, then draw in the stubby legs and feet. Add the flip flops and then the shirt collar. Erase those mistakes as well as the guidelines.


You are all set to color Boone in. The line art should look like this when you're done. I hope you enjoyed this lesson folks, see you again soon.

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February 15, 2015

Description: As you know there always has to be a goofy character within a series to make it that much more comical. That is the case with this character from Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero which is a new series on Disney XD. This will be the last lesson for the day and it's on how to draw Boone from Penn Zero, step by step. I don't know much about Boone, but by the looks of his face and design, I would say that he is a docile kind of kid that isn't too smart. But than again I could be wrong. Anyways, have fun regardless. I will return tomorrow with more lessons for you all to pick apart and learn from. The day for me was long, but that means it's because it was a good day. Adios people and peace out.

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