How to Draw Penn Zero


We will begin by simply drawing the head and body guides to form the workable frame for your character. Sketch in the facial guidelines before hoping to the next step.


Using the head guide, sketch in the structure to Penn's face shape like so. Incorporate his ear, then draw in the hairline and neck.


Most of the time Penn has his crazy hair just messed up in a curly nest. You will draw in his head shape which is also his hairstyle.


Draw in the beginning stages for his face which is the shapes of the eyes, then the nose and mouth.


Draw the eyebrows, color them in and then draw and color in the pupils. You will then finish Penn's mouth by by drawing in his teeth. Add detailing inside the ear too.


We can now step away from the face and head because those tasks are done. You will begin drawing the shoulders, torso, arms and then draw in the flaps for the shirt collar and add the glove line.


You will now draw in Penn's legs, boots for feet and then draw in his belt. Draw the emblem on the buckle, then proceed to step eight.


For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw the gloved hand on the right, add detailing to his boots, then draw the super hero emblem on his shirt. Erase those mistakes and guides that you made in step one.


Here is Penn Zero all ready to color in. I hope you had fun with this lesson folks. I still have more drawing fun coming your way.

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February 15, 2015

Description: Okay guys, so this is the main character from the new Disney XD animated cartoon series 'Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero'. Here is how to draw Penn Zero, step by step. As you can see he is a red headed kid that is a part time hero. Penn is also a student and son. He has a handful of friends and is the leader of the 'Good Guys'. I don't know any more information on Penn because it's a very new series that just premiered on Friday the 13th. If you caught the show than maybe you can tell me about it. For now have some fun drawing Penn Zero, and if you have any more requests for more characters from the show, let me know.

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