How to Draw Sashi from Penn Zero


Begin with a slight egg shape like so, then sketch in the facial guidelines as well as the neck and body guidelines.


For the first step, you will draw in Sashi's large frames for her glasses. These frames are angled instead of round.


You will now fill the lenses with her cat shaped eyes. The top lid lines should be thick. Add some hair on the sides of her temples where the glasses overlap her face.


We will now draw the head shape like so. Notice that Sashi's head is angled as well. Draw in her ears, then some shards of pointed hair strand chunks.


Here we will draw in Sashi's bangs. They are short and jagged so be sure to make your bangs this way as well. Add detailing inside her ears, then draw in the nose and mouth.


Okay guys, Sashi's head and face is all done. We will get started with the body. Start with the neck, then draw in the small torso, arms and hands which are flared outward. Add the vest detailing for the clothing and then make the cuffs at the ends o   


Finish the torso by drawing in her waist. Then draw in the miniskirt and add the ruffle lines for the pleats in skirt.


We will finish Sashi's body by drawing her long skinny legs, then draw the boots for her feet. Erase the mistakes and guidelines so you can add the finishing touches next.


Add the stripes down the left leg, then add detailing to her boots and a small design on the ankle of her right leg.


That's it. You are all done drawing Sashi from Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero. Color her in and show off your new character drawing.

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February 15, 2015

Description: So there is this new upcoming animated series that is going to be airing on Disney XD called Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero. Because of this I wanted to make some lessons on a few characters that you will see in the series. These characters don't have bios yet, so all I will do is give you the tuts. Here is how to draw Sashi, step by step. The little I know about this female figure is she is one of Penn Zero's friends, classmate and sidekick. She will be fun and pretty easy to replicate. I have a feeling that it might be a cool show because the characters look pretty neat. Have fun with drawing Sashi folks. I will be back soon with the other two characters from the series.

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