How to Draw Chibi Kanga


To start drawing chibi Kanga, make a circle for the head, then draw the oblong part of her body. Sketch in the facial guidelines as well.


Next, draw out the shape of Kanga's chibi face. When that is done you can add those large ears that have a bit of playfulness to their structure.


We can now draw in her smile, then draw the nose line to create the muzzle, then color in a nose tip and add eyebrows then ear indent.


Now we can start drawing Kanga's body starting with the neck, chest and arm, The hand should be created as well.


Continue to work on chibi Kanga's body. You will need to draw the sitting back leg, then make the line to create her pouch.


Almost done already. Draw in her long thick kangaroo style tail, then her long rabbit like foot.


Lastly, finish it all off by drawing the other back leg and then draw the other long foot. Add some toe lines and lining for the foot pad.


Erase all your mistakes and you are all done. Color in Kanga to really bring her to life.

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November 21, 2014

Description: I know folks asked if I could do chibi versions of Kanga and Roo, and until now all you have recieved is chibi Roo. Here is his kind mother Kanga, but of course she is in her chibi form for this lesson on "how to draw chibi Kanga". I have always seen Kanga as mother to anyone who came to her in their hour of need. Kanga is a very kind, loving kangaroo who is motherly to all. Drawing chibi Kanga is going to be fun and exciting. So get busy people.

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