How To Draw Batman , Michael Keaton


Ok, Now im experimenting on guidelines so this is (hopefully) going to make it easier.


Now this is the first sketch of Batman. Perferably i like to use a B pencil. Be careful not to scrape the paper with the pencil


I was experimenting with this picture so i decided to grind up some Graphite and apply it to the mask by a brush


now remember those guidines on his face? those are guidlines to show you the shine on the mask, so use your B pencil to darken the lines and grab your knedable rubber to rub away where you see the white. After that draw in the lips and eyes


Now we have the 'base' as i call it, we call detail the base of his mask. Grab a 3B pencil and darken the mask


Now detail around his eyes and shade in his left side of his mouth. Cover in his suit in a 3H pencil and blend it using a paper stump. Now do the same to the right side but with a darker pencil


Add some slight detail into his chest plate as you see. Then grab your B pencil and shade in the right hand side of your drawing. This is his cape


I wasn't happy at how the the cape was a tad too bright so i went over it with a shade darker. When thats done, continue up his arm and his gun, both used 3H


DEtail his gun as you see it. use your knedable rubber to highlight around his chest area and arm


To detail his chest i used a B pencil. Id recommend using a paper stump to smooth out around his cape. Add the bat symbol to his chest center piece


LAst but not least, finish off his gun, and anything else you dont think looks right and your done :D now if you want to go one step beyond, continue to step 12 v


Use Graphite pencils for the background. I reccomend using a 6B but its up to you. And your done! thank you for looking and have a nice day :D

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August 26, 2012

Description: Im back with another Batman-Related tutorial. This time we're going to draw my personal favourite batman from the 1989 film starring Michael Keaton. What you need for this tutorial are just pencils (I used 3H , B , 3B and a 5B) , Graphite pencils (perferably) a knedable rubber (again, perferably) and paper. This movie was directed by my personal hero , Tim Burton , and I hope you enjoy this tutorial :D

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