How to Draw Superman, The Man of Steel

Artist: Dawn / June 19, 2012

Step 1.

Like always start off with a shape for the head then sketch in the facial guideline.

Step 2.

Using that shape that you just made, draw out the structure of Superman's face which should include the hairline of his wavy locks, as well as the ear and sideburns.

Step 3.

Start sketching in the facial features starting with the thick eyebrows, then draw out the broad nose. Sketch the creases around the nostrils, then draw the mouth and chin. Make sure that some of the lining is bold and drawn the way you see it in the   

Step 4.

Yup you guessed it, you will draw out the shapes of his eyes, as well as add the inner detailing inside of the ear. Sketch some of the cheek definition then add some definition on the forehead, and lips.

Step 5.

Superman has a very strong neck and body. You will need to draw out the shape of his neck, as well as the folded arches of his cape. Sketch the crease lines within the cape that is resting on his shoulders, then draw the collar line of the bodysuit t   

Step 6.

We will be tackling the task of getting his hair drawn out. traditionally Clark Kent or Superman has a nice wholesome look. He has a parted style with a very neat combed back style. Draw in his hair in this manner.

Step 7.

You are almost done guys! Sketch out the strong looking shoulders and arms, then draw the bulky shape of his chiseled chest. Be sure to add all the muscle definition within the shoulders. Draw or add a nice neat trim line for the cape, then sketch in   

Step 8.

Lastly, draw the symbol on his chest which is thick bordered and well defined. Once that is done you can start cleaning up the drawing so your Superman looks strong, smart, and most importantly a superhero.

Step 9.

Here is Superman or the Man of Steel when you are done. Now you can color him in to perfection. I hope you enjoyed drawing him as much as I did recreating him.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: June 19, 2012
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Description: This is my last lesson for the day and as you can see it's going to be on another superhero. Instead of a villain or a female feline, I wanted to give you the man in blue. Here is another version of "how to draw Superman" or The Man of Steel, step by step. In 2013 a new Superman movie will be released to theaters and in it there will be characters like Bane, General Zod, Jor-El, and of course Lois Lane. Amy Adams is going to be playing the role of Lois Lane, and Henry Cavill will be playing Clark Kent and or Superman. In The Man of Steel Russell Crowe will be using his acting skills as he plays Jor-El. It looks like a real intense movie and for the most part I think it should be a hit. Superman is always a favorite of mine, and I even enjoyed the last movie where Kevin Spacey played Lex Luthor. The Man of Steel should be a popular film which means I'm going to have to submit more tutorials on how to draw Superman characters. I already have Bane as well as Amy Adams, but I don't have a lesson on the new face for Superman. Drawing the Man of Steel is sure to be a big hit with all you comic book hero fans out there. If you can think of a character that you would like to see, just let me know and I will do my best with filling the request. Till next time folks, peace out!