How to Draw Aquaman

Artist: Dawn / February 5, 2022

Step 1.

Begin with some guidelines and shapes for your chibi character known as Aquaman.

Step 2.

Before drawing in the face, let's get the hairstyle drawn in first. Start with the head lining at the crown, and then draw a long wavy strand that you will turn into a wavy style. This should be done on the left side of the drawing. Next, make a smal   

Step 3.

Go ahead and use the guide you made in step one to draw out the actual structure of Aquaman's chiseled face shape. He has an impressive beard going on so be sure to draw that in as well. Once the beard is on, you can draw out the large piercing eyes    

Step 4.

On with the body. Start with the shoulders and one of the arms. His hand is in a fist because he will be holding on to his Trident. Add the layers of steel for his armored sleeves and draw the shape of the belly and some of the leg lines.

Step 5.

All you have to do here is draw the other hand and as you can see it's in a fist as well.

Step 6.

Here is where you will draw in more of Aquaman's hair length like so. Also detail the hair too.

Step 7.

We will now tackle the rest of the body. Draw in the rest of the leg shapes and then add the armor to the lower part of the legs starting at the knees. Detail and define the suit and don't forget around the waist.

Step 8.

Lastly, draw Aquaman's Trident, and erase the mistakes you might have made along with the guides.

Step 9.

Here is the hero. Now you can color him in and show others who you drew and where. Don't forget to link share this tutorial so others have the heads up on how to draw Aquaman 2018.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 5, 2022
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Description: Okay, so here is a really exciting lesson on a character that I saw in a trailer for a new movie that will be out in December called Aquaman. This new version of Aquaman is like none I have seen before. The character is actually being played by Jason Moma who you may recognize from Game of Thrones, Frontier and Justice League. I decided to draw Aquaman in a chibi form because I wanted everyone to be able to have the chance to tackle this character from DC Comics. So, go ahead and enjoy this lesson on drawing Aquaman chibi style.