How to Draw Bane From the Dark Knight Rises

Artist: JasonG / July 19, 2012

Step 1.

Start out with a simple sketch of Bane. i admit i only decided to do a tutorial on this sucka when i finished this so its not really that simple

Step 2.

Define his muscles on his arm and define his mask. Try to imagine it as a Facehugger from the Alien movies

Step 3.

Now you grab your mythical and magical pencil that is the B , and design his face mask. Keep your pencil sharp and use straight lines

Step 4.

Add black around where you see it with a 6B and draw circles on his glove to try to get a leather effect. Define his shirt with a B

Step 5.

Use 3H and B and a blending stump to add tone to his arm. Add more detail to his arm with a 2B

Step 6.

Now detail his face. I used 4B and B to shade and blend it with a blending stump and knedable rubber . If you get stuck (its ok, it took me a while too) i HIGHLY recomend that you look at Catlucker's tutorials first to get comfortable with shading

Step 7.

Now shade his face mask. I kinda wished they used the wreslers from the comics I used to read.... Add crosshatching lightly with a sharp 5B. Use a 3H for that shiney effect

Step 8.

Darken his shirt and define his arm with H and 3B and blending stump and knedable rubber

Step 9.

Now finnish off the rest of his hands and glove and shirt . If you got this far , well done and you are awesome for trying. this is finished.. if you wish to go one step beyond continue to step 10

Step 10.

Get a 6B graphite pencil and make the backround. Thank you for trying . I look foreward to your comments and all questions are welcome. Cant wait to see if anyone does this tutorial :D Now question time: ''Who is your favourite comic character and wh   

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Artist: JasonG
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Description: Hey there, Im here with a quick tutorial with Bane from the movie The Dark Knight Rises. If i may be honest i was slightly dissapointed with the designs of Bane because he didnt really look like the comics, but I digress. So grab your pencils and paper and enjoy this tutorial