How to Draw the Predator Alien

Artist: JasonG / July 22, 2012

Step 1.

Start off with a simple sketch of the Pred-Alien. Include the characteristic dreadlocks and mouth of the predator, and the head of the Xenomorph. I used a F pencil for this

Step 2.

now start to define features suck as his teeth, shoulders and torso

Step 3.

Now make wavy lines on his dreads . Try to thing of sideshow bob when doing this

Step 4.

Use a Derwent Onyx 2B pencil to shade the dreads and his head. Use a 6B pencil to shade the dark area and use the blending stump to Draw lines around his mouth as you see here

Step 5.

Detail his chest and head, using a kneadable rubber , Onyx pencil and a 5B pencil

Step 6.

Now shade around his mouth with a 3H pencil and darken the areas you see with a 6B pencil

Step 7.

Darken the tips of his dreads and define them with the lines you see. I left one on the left to show you how to detail them, do this to the rest of the dreadlocks

Step 8.

Using my trusty Onyx pencil I shaded the dreads and his face area. I used a 9B for the rinkles on top of his head wrinkles

Step 9.

I like using the 3pencil, so i use that for his torso area and a B pencil for his arms

Step 10.

Finnish off his arm and touch up on the details here and there. I added a backround by using a 9B pencil lightly and blending. WOW! Im glad this is finnished. I bit off more than i could chew with this one. There wasnt a good choice of pics of this b   

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Artist: JasonG
Date Added: July 22, 2012
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Description: The movie franchise 'Alien' is possably one of the best known Sci-fi movies ever. Based of H.R Giger's work, Aliens, real name Xenomorph, are a species that live to repopulate and kill. In a later tutorial I will tell you more about Aliens. Predator , real name Yautja,is an extraterrestrial species characterized by its hunting of other dangerous species for sport and honour, including humans. So what happens when you mix the two? You get a Pred-Alien. This made in its first appearence in Aliens vs Predator 2; Requiem. So get your materials and get ready to draw this monster in all its glory :D