How to Draw Batman Easy

Artist: Dawn / March 26, 2012

Step 1.

The first step is just the ground work to getting some guides drawn in which will aid you to recreating Batman a whole lot easier. Begin with a circle, and then sketch in the facial guidelines.

Step 2.

Using the shape you just drew, begin drawing out the actual outline of Batman's mask and or face structure. This should also include the head and pointed ears like so. Notice how Batman has a chiseled structured face.

Step 3.

Now draw the ending line for the mask which is just a big wide M. This also adds the nose to Batman's face as well as his thick, well defined brows.

Step 4.

Add some structural definition lines on the sides of his forehead, and then add more detailing along the mask's ears, and center of the head. You will then sketch in the frown lines on the sides of the face along the nose area.

Step 5.

Before starting this last step, you will need to erase some of the guides you made in step one. Using the facial guides, begin drawing out the eyes in a very simple circular manner. Thicken or darken the areas around the eyes, and then on the left si   

Step 6.

Here is your capped crusader when you are all done. Now it's time to color him in, and add this superhero to your DC Comic drawing collection.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: You wanted a tutorial on Batman, you got it! It was suggested that I make a lesson on "how to draw Batman easy", step by step so I did. Here is the capped crusader all dressed up and ready to fight crime. I am having a lot of fun making these easy tutorials, and the great thing is, folks are really digging them. I'm not a big Batman fan, the only Batman I like is the first film. I never really read the comic books, or watched the cartoon series, (well, maybe I watched a few episodes), but I can still have fun recreating one of DC Comics most valuable, and popular superhero. Drawing Batman easy is going to prove to be fun, exciting, and full of awesomeness. I only hope you guys like the next tutorial I have in store, it is based on a character from a very popular video game...any guesses? Well that's it for this description, do enjoy yourselves and be sure to keep those requests and suggestions rolling in. Peace out people!