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How to Draw the Dark Knight

Artist: artistperson95 / November 16, 2010
How to Draw the Dark Knight

Step 1.

Draw the outline of Batman's head and the Joker's head. Mark where their eyes, mouths, and noses will go. This is a very important step, so spend a lot of time on it.

Step 2.

Draw in more outlines on Batman's head and sketch in his mouth. Sketch in the Joker's hair, mouth, and nose. Again, the outlines are the most important part, so don't rush.

Step 3.

Shade in Batman's head and face. Draw in the bat logo on his chest. Shade in the dark circles around the Joker's eyes.

Step 4.

Shade in more of Batman's armor and and finish shading the Joker's face. Sketch in the Joker's clothes.

Step 5.

Finish Batman's armor.

Step 6.

Finish shading in the Joker's clothes. Add any finishing touches to the drawing. Make the shadows dark and make sure you have the highlights you want. Make sure you sign your masterpiece.

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Artist: artistperson95
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Description: How to draw Batman and the Joker from the Dark Knight