How to Draw Baby Wario

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Start off by making a large circle for Baby Wario's head shape like so. You will then make the shape of the body and then add the facial guidelines like you see here.


Now begin sketching out the shape of the face, and head which is covered by the over sized hat. When that is all set, draw out the misshapen nose, and then draw out the body in better detail.


Make the hat lid, and then draw out the shape of the one eye like you see here. Thicken the top of the eye for the lid or lash, and then draw out his arm, hand, leg, and foot.


You will now finish off this baby version of Wario by drawing and coloring in the eyeball, making a detailed line for the lid of the hat, and then draw the side burn, and mouth with the teeth grinding on each other. Next, draw out the left arm and ha   


Look how cute baby Wario looks. Now all you need to do now is color him in to finish him off. Thanks so much for viewing this lesson on how to draw baby Wario.

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December 1, 2010

Description: For the next few lessons I will be quickly writing out some brief text on the drawings. I will later come back and write about my views and comments with each one. To start, let’s learn "how to draw baby Wario", step by step. This is one figure from the Mario Bros game series that I forgot to submit a lesson on. He is ugly in his adult form, but as a baby, Wario is as cute as a button even with his ridiculous shaped nose. If you like all the baby characters I did from Mario Bros, than you should love this tutorial on "how to draw Baby Wario", step by step as well. He is going to be easy to draw, and even easier to color in. I find that making any character in baby or chibi form is extremely fun, and hopefully I get more requests to draw other popular figures from television, comics, and video games. Have fun people, and remember to come right back because there is much more on the way.

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