How to Draw Braids


This is a diagram that shows you how to draw a proper twist for the braids. They should crisscross on each other to form a knot, and the further down the braid goes the skinnier the braid gets. Meaning, the top of the braid should be fat, and the mid   


This is just a basic diagram of how the crisscross should be drawn. Notice the flow of the thick strands. Typically a real braid has three thick hair strands that are crossed on each other, but for a cartoon like braid, they usually only have two pie   


The wrong image is how braids should not look. This is what happens when you draw little turd like circles on top each other. The proper way to draw a braid is shown to you in the second sketch. Notice how one looks more realistic then the other.


Here is an example of two braids. The first one is a thicker version, and the second one is a thinner version.


Now let's begin drawing out the model for the braid tutorial. Start by drawing a circle for the head, and then add the guidelines for the face, and the two braids which will hang on the shoulders.


You will now begin sketching out the shape of her face like so, and then draw out the top of the head, and add the neck shape too.


Here you will start sketching out the shapes of her eyes, and make sure the lining is thick. The eyes also have little points at the ends for the batty lash look. When you are done drawing out the eyes, you can then add some more lining for the lids,   


Add some detailing to the top of her head, and then start drawing out the thick braids like you see here. You can also choose to make skinny braids if you like, that is an option that is up to you. When the hair is done, you need to draw in the detai   


To finish off the drawing all you have to do is sketch out the ends of each braid like you see here, and then finish off the hands. Draw out the detailing on the chest, and then begin erasing all the lines and shapes you drew in step one.


Look how pretty she looks now that you are all done drawing braids on a pretty model. Thanks for viewing this lesson on how to draw braids, now all you have to do is color her in.

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December 1, 2010

Description: Now let’s do something a little different. I wanted to make another lesson on a hair tutorial that I thought many of you artists can benefit from. That is why I made this submission on "how to draw braids", step by step. I know for myself I love drawing hair, especially all different kinds of hairstyles. One of my favorite styles to draw on females is braids, and I think it’s because they can be drawn to look sophisticated, innocent, and even a bit naughty. For the character model in the thumbnail I drew, she is has an innocent face, which means she would make a great Christmas figure for an elf or holiday girl. If you want to turn her into an elf, all you have to do is turn her human ears into elven style ears. Drawing hair can be quite challenging at times especially if you are not used to doing it all the time. For me hair was a definite struggle, and because I practiced for so long, I was able to pull through and get good at making models and even characters with a nice set of hair. I think that is going to do it for right now, but I will be back later. Have fun learning from this lesson on "how to draw braids", step by step. Adios people, and have an awesome drawing day!

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