How to Draw a Looney Toon

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Bugs Bunny is a fairly easy character to draw. You will first need to start by making an oval shape for the head, and then add the guidelines for the ears, and middle body section.


You will now begin sketching out Bugs' head shape like you see here, and then the shape of his cheeks, and lower jaw like so. When that is done make the mounds for the left eye, and then be sure to fluff up the cheeks with fur to the right.


I want you all to now sketch out the shapes of Bugs Bunny's ears like you see here, and then you can draw out the other eye and eyeballs. When that is all done you can then draw the whiskers, big tooth or teeth, and a wide open friendly mouth. You ca   


You are almost done drawing Bugs Bunny. Now all you have to do is draw out the rest of his body which consists of the chest, and lower belly, and then draw out his legs and one large foot like so. Now you can draw the other hand and be sure to make i   


Are you ready to finish drawing Bugs Bunny or what? All you have to do is sketch out his fluffy tail, add some layer lines, and then draw out the back of his leg, butt, and full right foot. Don't forget the to lines before you start erasing the shape   


Here is your favorite Looney Toon's character when you are all done. Now go ahead and color him in. Thanks for joining me with this lesson on how to draw a Looney Toon, step by step.

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December 1, 2010

Description: Who is one cartoon character that almost everybody knows of and loves? I’m talking about a grey rabbit that loves haunting his foes with a smirk, a phrase, and a carrot. Yes of course I’m talking about Bugs Bunny, but instead of doing another tutorial on this furry critter that lives in borrows under the ground, I wanted to give this lesson a different name. So today I will be showing you ""how to draw a Looney Toon", step by step. Now the correct way to spelling the words Looney Toon is in fact “Looney Tune”. Don’t ask me why this is so, it just is. Bugs is one of those characters that you fall in love with and stay a loyal fan of for ages. I have never once said to myself that he is old, outdated, or boring. The reason why I never made statements such as this is because none of them are true. The fact is Bugs Bunny is a cartoon character that is funny, loud, always new, and never boring. His personality is cocky, quirky, silly, and even series, which means Bugs is far from being ordinary, or plain. He is just straight out crazy and that is why I love him even in my young adult years. Anyways, this lesson is going to be based on Bugs, but I will be calling it "how to draw a Looney Toon" seeing how I have a few tutorials on Bugs Bunny already. Have fun people, and remember to embrace the craziness that he has to offer his ongoing growing audience. Peace!

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