How to Draw a Chopper


Alright, we must learn a few tips about drawing choppers as there's a lot to learn about them. To the right, 1. the chopper's blades spin so incredibly fast that it's almost a blur to see the blades individual spinning; therefore it creates a whirlpo   


Choppers have four blades and sometimes eight depending on the size of the machine. The blades are very long to support the weight of the overall helicopter. You can use light indication of blades for the inner movement of the circulation.


These are two types of helicopter heads that's seen on Choppers today. There's the round (seen on news copters, black hawks), and there's the narrow type which is for thinner and faster copters.


First, it's important to start off with the basic foundation for the chopper's base. Without drawing the parts accurately, you'll end up with a very inaccurate helicopter. Draw two lines that will support the base for the base of the blades and the t   


It's time to work on the actual body base! Consider to take some time as you draw this part of the copter since it's crucially important to get this drawn correctly. This copter has a very round look to it with a simple tail end. Take your time and f   


Let's start working on the inner details for the helicopter to make it seem more accurate and believable. Then, work on the circular spinning blades that lay at the base of the tail. Don't forget to work on the propeller on the top of this machine.


Lastly, add the legs and the spinning blades at the top. Finish off the design and the 3-D dimension for the inside of the seat.


Clean up your lines and add final touches by fixing the symmetry and lines. Use Micron ink pens and maybe colored pencils or Copic markers for the coloring process. I hope you folks have enjoyed this tutorial on drawing choppers! Thank you so much fo   

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December 24, 2010

Description: I am always drawing or making lessons that are for artists that fall in the intermediate category, and without a doubt I know for a fact that there are many artists that come to Dragoart that fall in the novice artist category. Now because I want everyone to have a crack at drawing something they love easily, I’ve decided that I would submit a lesson that can teach absolutely anyone how to draw a chopper, step by step. This incredibly easy tutorial is going to fun to draw because it is simple in every way. The helicopter is one of the most popular toys or real life transportation devices that a lot of young boys and some girls hold dear to their hearts. I mean think about it, how many kids do you know of that loves the fact that they dream about becoming a pilot so they can one day get behind the flying wheel of a helicopter or plane. Even though there are many kids that dream this dream, I have never been one of those children. Instead I dreamed of being an artist, a vet, and even a dinosaur. Yes folks, I once believed that I would one day grow up to be a dinosaur. Of course that is when I was five years old, so don’t hold me to that fact. Anyways, I think you will enjoy this lesson on how to draw a chopper step by step. Now because this is a tutorial on an aircraft, you will have the opportunity to add all kinds of defining details to customize your chopper so it comes out looking just the way you want. Peace out people and enjoy the rest of your drawing day!

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