How to Draw Suiseiseki From Rozen Maiden


Start off by making a mannequin for the guide of your new Rozen Maiden girl. Draw a circle for the head, and the rest of the guides for the torso and dress.


Next, sketch out the top portion of her head in the form of her hair and or bangs.


You will now draw in her bonnet, then sketch out the shape of her face along with her eyes, nose and mouth. Add some detailing to her hair as well.


Her face is all done so we will get busy with tackling the task of drawing her body. Start by sketching out the ribbons from her bonnet, then sketch in the collar, tied bow, and then the square front covering of her dress which is ruffled lined along   


Here you will begin to sketch out the shoulder and arm in the form of the dress sleeve. Notice the material for the sleeve is loose instead of form fitting. Draw in her hand, as well as the ruffled cuff.


You will now draw the bell shape of her maiden style dress, then draw the split V lined shape at the bottom of her top. Add the crisscross line pattern as well on her top, then proceed to step seven.


The triangular pattern you are about to draw looks more like an apron. Sketch out the apron then add the detailing lines along the edge which is also the trimming design.


Lastly, draw in the extremely long locks of hair that go past her feet. As you can see the hair is almost in the form of a flowing ribbon. The ends curl or form a funnel as you can see here. Draw in the rest of the dress, then erase your mistakes.


Here is the line art when you are all done. Now you can go ahead and color Suiseiseki in.

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July 8, 2013

Description: I was a bit confused with this next character’s name from the Rozen Maiden series because I wasn’t sure which one was the correct form. After looking around a bit I did figure it out, so now here is "how to draw Suiseiseki", step by step. Some of the character traits with Suiseiseki are her different colored eyes with one being red and the other being green. She has long brown colored hair and wears a bonnet like headdress. Her Maiden design was to resemble that of a housewife that likes to garden. Suiseiseki is one of the two maidens that were designed to deal with plants. She is also described as being one of the shyest maidens of the series as well as mischievous, nervous, and even a little abusive. Even though her look is sweet, behind her eyes you can see there is something off. I know you will enjoy drawing Suiseiseki especially if you are a fan of the Rozen Maiden series. Adios people.

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