How to Draw Asami, Asami From Legend of Korra

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You will only be drawing Asami's head and torso. Start with making a face shape on a three fourth angle. Sketch in the facial guidelines then draw out the shape of the torso.


Sketch out the structure of her face shape like so, then begin drawing the hairstyle that frames her face. She has long wavy hair which curls on the ends.


Continue to draw in her hairstyle, which should be full and fluffy. Sketch in her neck, then draw the high raised jacket collar along with the V shaped neck line.


Asami has Asian style eyes so begin drawing out her pretty eyes like so, then color in the pupils. Draw in her nose, as well as her mouth or lips. You will also need to draw out her collar in better detail.


Continue with sketching out her torso by drawing the shoulders, then draw the flaps for the jacket like so. Sketch out the shape of her breasts, then move to step six.


Finish her off by drawing out the right side of her body, then draw in her arms. One is relaxed on her side, and the other is slightly expanded like so. Add some detailing to her body then begin erasing your mistakes.


Here is Asami when you are all done. Now you can color her in to really complete the task.

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September 18, 2012

Description: So, who has been getting into the new Avatar series Legend of Korra? Well, unfortunately I don't watch much television, but I do occasionally get to watch some stuff. My little nine year old sister has been watching Korra lately and she said that I should draw more characters from the series. Now because of this I went through my requests in search for anyone asking for a particular character. I came across four different e-mails that wanted a lesson on "how to draw Asami Sato", step by step. She is one of the good guys from what I understand, but in order to be a good guy, she had to betray her family or father I should say. She is not a bender, but she does believe in the same thing that Team Avatar represents. She is the only child of Hiroshi Sato, and tragically she lost her mother when she was just six years old by the Agni Kai Triad when they broke into their home. After her mother passed, her and her father started training for self defense. Se is from the Fire Nation, and Asami is only eighteen years old. This lesson should be fun because she is a real simple faced female to recreate. I actually enjoyed drawing Asami, and hopefully you will too! Well there is one more lesson for me to upload so hang on to your butts people. Peace out!

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