How to Draw Arnold from Hey Arnold


Draw out the stick figure body base as shown here. Remember that there is no circle for the head because, guess what?- his head is shaped like a football!


Draw in his football shaped head and facial features such as a rounded nose and the bottom of his eyes and mouth. He also has a little cap on top of his head. Draw that too as shown here. Then draw in two rounded triangles at the base of his neck for   


Ahhh...who can ever forget that spiky golden hair of his? Draw that in for this step. Don't make it too spiky- make sure before each of the tips, the hair curves downward and outwards instead. Then draw in the torso and the rest of his shirt using th   


His hands are next. Because they are cartoons hands, they are fairly simple- just a bunch of rounded lines. Then draw in his skirt/kilt around his waist and finish off by drawing in his rounded shoes.


Erase all the blue guidelines and you should be left with something similar to this. Add in the lines shown in red to complete this drawing. Add in the ends of the sleeves, the plaid pattern on the collar and skirt/kilt and the eyes and lines on the    


And here is what your very final drawing should look like! All you have to do is color it in if you want and you are totally done! Thank you for checking out my tutorial and please leave your comments and rate- I really appreciate it! ^__^

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January 10, 2010

Description: Here's a blast from the past! Do you remember that olddd cartoon when the boy was constantly being called "football head" by his secret lover? Remember how they went to the red school building right down the block and how the boy lived with his grandparents? That was "Hey Arnold!" This show, originally aired on Nickelodeon in 1996, was an instant hit, relating to younger kids of that generation. Get ready to reminisce as you try out this tutorial. :)

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