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How to Draw Helga

Artist: Dawn / July 30, 2016
How to Draw Helga

Step 1.

Start off by making the head and body guides like so and then draw in the facial guidelines and limb guides.

Step 2.

We will now begin to draw Helga's face shape and structure. Along with that draw in her nose, mouth and ear. Don't forget to draw the bangs and neck shape too.

Step 3.

We will now draw in the face which are the eyes and brows. Notice the relaxed look she has on her face. Add the detailing inside her ear too.

Step 4.

Let's finish drawing Helga's head. When that is done you can draw in the hair in that wacky style she has. Draw in the large bow and then add detailing to it as well.

Step 5.

Okay, draw the collar from her undershirt and then draw in the shoulders/sleeves. When that is done you can then draw in the one piece dress.

Step 6.

Draw in Helga's legs, feet, arms and hands to finish her off. Once that is complete you can draw in the belt and then erase the mistakes and guides.

Step 7.

Now that you are done you can color in Helga so she looks like she does in Hey Arnold!. I hope you enjoyed this lesson, I know I did making it.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 30, 2016
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Tags: how to draw hey arnold characters, how to draw hey arnold
Description: I'm trying to get some requests done and because of this I chose to do characters from an old series that I have never done in the past before. Since there have been multiple requests for Hey Arnold characters, I thought I would give you guys some lessons on the Hey Arnold! crew. To start I will show you how to draw Helga, step by step. Now, Helga Pataki is what you call the semi antagonist of the series. As you can see by her looks she has that Tomboy quality about her. She has blonde hair (which is always styled to look like pigtails), and wears a pink one piece dress. She isn't very pretty, but she can definitely hold her ground. I used to watch Hey Arnold! when I was a kid, but not so much as I got older. That doesn't mean the characters are not fun to draw because they are. Anyways, enjoy drawing Helga from Hey Arnold and stick around to see what else I have in store.