How to Draw Robin

Artist: Dawn / September 15, 2008

Step 1.

Okay first things first. You will have to start this step by drawing out the guidelines and shapes until you have a good solid frame for Robin. Start by drawing an egg shaped head and then add the facial guidelines in. Next draw a straight line for h   

Step 2.

Now in this step you will start sketching out his hair on the left, his hair is spiky so that is the style that you will be drawing in later steps. Next add his eye mask. You will next start shaping out the limbs starting with the right arm and draw    

Step 3.

Now you will start to finish off the hair lines and then detail his eye mask by drawing out the eye holes. Draw out the shape of his neck and detail his cape a bit more with wavy lining. Next sketch out the shape of his calves and shoes. Before you g   

Step 4.

What you will be doing here is adding detailing to Robin and his hero suit. First sketch out the spiked hair in the back of his head. Next detail his face by giving him a nose, mouth and detail his eye mask a bit more. Give him another ear and detail   

Step 5.

This is the last drawing step and all you will be doing is adding Robin's emblem and buttons on his shirt. Detail the lower left side of his body. You can now erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up your drawing.

Step 6.

This is what your Teen Titan should come out looking like when you are done. Just color him in and that is it. You just completed this tutorial on how to draw Robin from Teen Titans step by step.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: September 15, 2008
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Description: Hello everyone this is another tutorial on an animated character from the Cartoon Network folks. I already brought you this characters team mates when I showed you how to draw Raven and Beast from Teen Titans. This time I will be showing you how to draw Robin from Teen Titans. Not only is Robin a popular character in this animated series, he is also known as being Batman’s sidekick in the original episodes of Batman and Robin that use to air on TV in 1966. Robin is also referred to as “The Boy Wonder” in the old Batman and Robin show. Robin’s character was played by Burt Ward along side of Adam West as Batman. In the animated series Robin is a young teenaged boy that has a flare for keeping the peace. He uses his Kung-fu technique to put villains in their place. He is also the leader of the Teen Titans. This tutorial is an awesome one because I got to practice my people drawing skills. But that is not the only reason why this is an awesome tutorial, the other reason why drawing Robin was fun is because, he is Robin the famous Boy Wonder. This version of Robin from Teen Titans was really easy to draw. He is like a big bean pole with a face, cape and smile. Just like the original Robin, this animated character finds it hard to back down from a dare; he simply just can’t bring himself to walk away from trouble even if he is not the one causing it. In this tutorial you will see just how easy it is to learn "how to draw Robin" from Teen Titans. The step by step instructions and the detailed steps make this character a breeze to draw. I know you will have a good time drawing him out. I will be back with another tutorial that is wicked. Till then I bid thee farewell.