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How to Draw the Man Of Steel, Man Of Steel

Artist: DuskEyes969 / May 27, 2013
How to Draw the Man Of Steel, Man Of Steel

Step 1.

We being by sketching the body. Your goal here is the get his dramatic pose correctly. A few guide lines for the limbs, torso and head, and of course the guide line for the eyes.

Step 2.

Now we're going to sketch the face and a bit of his cape. Sketch the eyes on the guide line from the previous step , the the nose and mouth down the center. Then add his hair and ears. Finally the part of the cape which has more details in one place    

Step 3.

Now continue with drawing his arms and chest, following the guide lines . Make sure that his muscles are visible and prominent .

Step 4.

Because of his pose, the "S" symbol on his chest is only partly visible . On the finished drawing only half of it should be visible . Make sure to maintain it's smooth round shape, and not get carried away with tiny spaces around it .

Step 5.

His legs are also muscular, but that will only be visible when shading them. Since legs have bigger muscles and arms .Thus the outlines of his legs are less curvy .

Step 6.

Finally , the cape. Please be careful when drawing the wrinkle lines, as these will be very important later on. Also pay attention so the left side of the cape fits in the page, this is essential, compositionally speaking, the character is on the lef   

Step 7.

This sketch has been done differently, all my sketches are done differently . I do them the hard way, the find an easier one for you. Mine looks a bit different, some details I did not add , because they proved to be unnecessary.

Step 8.

Now before you do anything I would like you to pay attention to this step, and the next two. This is a minitutorial on the face, cape, and suit texture. This suit has a very complicated texture, which I was unable to draw as it was, so I had to simpl   

Step 9.

The cape is basic shading , simple . It may look complicated , but the same pattern is repeated to create a fabulous cape. The texture of the suit begins with a few lines. The face is pretty simple, because it's very small , but it's also hard to det   

Step 10.

Keep shading the cape and use a small piece of cotton to blend everything so it looks nice and smooth. Add some dots on the lines made on the arm, this may looks stupid but once you shade the whole thing looks different. I didn't shade here, because    

Step 11.

As you can see I began with the head. I've managed to shade it in 5 minutes , since the surface was very small. Pay attention to details , they are important.

Step 12.

I have shaded his neck and fist. This is the only skin that shows. I've used a 2B mechanical pencil .

Step 13.

Shading has begun. The parts I cross-hatched will be mostly black, you'll see in the next step.

Step 14.

This is why I said mostly black.Not everything is complete black. The areas I left white are the ones where the texture will be visible .

Step 15.

Texture time. Draw the texture as I've shown you in the minitutorial and it should look like this, even if you shaded first. You also need to shade after you made the texture, only a bit.

Step 16.

Continue with drawing the texture, nothing complicated. This takes time .

Step 17.

Texture texture and more texture. I went crazy drawing it, I bet you are too.

Step 18.

The texture on the symbol on his chest is done the same, only more detailed, which means the dots are smaller and closer together, and the shading is different, it's brighter .I've also shaded the cape between his legs.

Step 19.

Now it's time to move to the cape. I've spent more time on the cape than I did on the body. It needs to be smooth, and your shading skills, no matter how good they are, you still need to be careful and have patience . Use Q tips to smoothen the surfa   

Step 20.

I highly recommend following the path I did, because it's easier, unless you found an easier one, then congrats.

Step 21.

The cape is beginning to take shape . Don't ignore the guide lines, they are very important, if you want your cape to look good.

Step 22.

Finally the cape is done. After long hours I was glad this was over with, but the I remembered I still have to make the background.Now, you could just draw a bit of ground and make the background black , oor, you can make a quick background using gra   

Step 23.

This is a spectacular background you can get with a Qtip . I hope you enjoyed this , because even though I skipped a night of sleep in order to make this, I did enjoy it very much . Love what you do and no effort will seem too great.Peace.

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Artist: DuskEyes969
Date Added: May 27, 2013
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Description: Hello peeps ! I bet you didn't expect me to upload anything for another couple of months eh ? Well no. This is Superman (duh) , the man of steel , well that's what the new upcoming movie is called . I really have high hopes for this movie, the one from 2006 was disappointing in my opinion. The approach is different, and from the trailer it looks promising. Plus Hans Zimmer made the soundtrack . Anyways , I made a tutorial for this legendary superhero , it took me quite a few hours to finish the drawing, and another few hours to work on the tutorial. Please take your time and follow each step carefully , this will not be easy, but the result will make for the effort.Enjoy