How to Draw Anpanman


Star by making a big circle for the head.


You will now draw a much smaller circle for his nose, and then two balls for the cheeks.


Up next, color in the eyes, then add the brows and great big smile.


Are you ready to draw in the arms? Good, start by drawing the forearms and fists.


Here we will draw in the cape, and then draw in the tie from the cape being knotted in the front.


Complete the upper body and then draw in Anpanman's belt, smiley face buckle, then draw the ends of his shirt.


Complete the whole lesson by drawing the legs, feet and boot lines. Erase your mistakes and you are all ready to add some color.


See, your drawing of Anpanman should look like a coloring book page. Have fun coloring in your drawing.

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February 8, 2015

Description: You know, I honestly don't know why I made this lesson because this character looks and was extremely easy to draw. Here is how to draw Anpanman, step by step. He has a big round head, a big round nose, and a superhero suit that is recognized to all fans of the series. I don't know how hard this tut will be on some folks, but I can assure you that he will be simple to recreate regardless of your skill level. Have fun and don't forget to fav, comment or love this lesson.

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