How to Draw Ami from Toradora


Let's start with a head and torso guides. Sketch in the facial guidelines then draw in the guidelines for the body.


Here you will draw out the shape of Ami's face. When that is done you can sketch in her hairstyle and then the hairline.


Use the facial guidelines to draw in the shapes of her eyes, then draw the nose, mouth and eyebrows. She is winking as you can see.


Continue to work on Ami's hairstyle. This includes the long thick strand that is curled at the end. Next, draw in the other side of her bangs, then proceed to step five.


Here you will draw the back of her head, then draw in the length of her hair. It should be straight and pretty much one length. Don't forget to draw in her ear too.


Here you will draw in the neck shape, then draw the shoulders, arms and some wrinkling for the shirt.


Complete the shape of her upper body by drawing the chest, waits and some of the flat stomach. Add detailing to the arm crease, then you are done here.


To finish the clothing, you will need to draw the seam line on the jacket for an overlapped look. Draw in some buttons and then draw a simple ribbon tied around her neck.


Lastly, draw the ends of her long hair like so, then begin erasing the mistakes and guides. When you are done you can proceed forward.


Here is Ami when you are finished. Now you can add some color to bring this Toradora character to life.

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February 9, 2015

Description: Hey guys, all the lessons that I will be uploading today where all requested by members and visitors. Today I'm going to start the day by showing you all how to draw Ami from Toradora, step by step. For those of you who are fans of Toradora, you should know that she is known to be one of the heroines of the series. She has long blueish colored hair and wears a red blazer style jacket.I highly doubt that this tut is going to be complicated, but if you find that you are having difficulty, then stop what you're doing, and start all over again. Don't forget, I have a lot more lessons for you guys to tackle tonight so try and stay tuned in. Peace out and happy drawing.

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